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Our Mission
Founded in 2013, Owlish Online Limited is proud to use organic content to drive traffic to achieve customer's goals.

Served more than 200+ companies in different fields worldwide, from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses, our strategy has been proven many times.

Partnered with Taiwan Inbound Marketing Company, Owlish Online Limited has become a comprehensive digital agency.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with the most "appropriate and effective" marketing campaigns without wasting much testing time. 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Almost 95% of people carry out a search every day!
We push your site to the top of Google, Yahoo and the only concern is whether you can handle these enormous customers.
Online Reputation Management
80% of people claim they search for products and services online prior to making a final purchase decision. Are you suffering from bad reviews, haters attacks?

Let us build a good reputation online for your company!
Google Ads & Display Network
To have you company name inside every prospect, you need to maximize your exposure.

Our Team will bring the highest ROI to your campaign!
Ringo Li
With 10+ year in the Search Engine Optimization Field, served more than 100+ client, Ringo's has developed a strong fundamental of Google's knowledge.
He carry tons of SEO experiments every year in order to get the latest and the most effective SEO strategy. On-hand is always the key!

He did not eat fish, don't treat him with that!
Karl Chan
Operation Manager
As an experienced SEOer, Karl handled SEO cases in different scale and scenarios.
Growing from a total newbie to a SEO guru, he is able to clearly interpret marketing solutions in terms of SEO in a friendly way which you could understand easily.

For project execution, Karl also acts as a strong bridge between clients and technical colleagues to ensure smooth optimization work.

With his patient, caring and sincere attitude, he loves to discover every client's story, but try not to make a meeting too long. ;)
Bridget Ngan
Marketing Manager
With years of marketing experience, Bridget understand different industry's needs, including but not limited to FMCG, Health, Finance, Education, Luxuries and Technology.
Bridget would put herself in your shoes and  care what you need. In her philosophy "Ranking and Traffic are just a lever tool, Conversion are your ultimate goal."

She's so energetic and passionate which helps to provide some creative and trendy  ideas for your business grow! 
Maybe the most competitive keywords to rank - "SEO"
Tim Tong - Sales Director of Mega Power Technology  
Even though I majored in Marketing a few years ago, those strategies on paper are quite different from those in real life, especially in this digital era.

Apart from the rich hands-on experience in SEO and his acute market sense, Ringo is also great at understanding clients’ needs. No wonder his online courses have so many great reviews!

Thanks to his good service quality, my target customers expanded from the corporate market to retail market effectively and we have opened up a lot more business opportunities.
Ar Shek -
Digital Marketing Player
Whenever I come across any SEO problem, I always ask Ringo for help. His clear explanations show how knowledgeable he is on SEO. We can start SEO in many directions, but he always knows where the focus is and which one should be the priority.

With his help, one of my key articles showed up on the first page of google search in two months.
Kevin Shee -
SC Storage

We used Ringo service for our storage platform for just a little over 6 months, and incredibly we were able to list number one which are 2 very competitive areas.

Further more the conversion of sales from SEO has increased 40% since the implementation of many of Ringo's methods.

Highly recommend Ringo and his company for your SEO needs.
Felix Li -
 Whole Win (Group) Limited
Hong Kong SEO companies are of varying quality. I am only confident in recommending Ringo’s SEO company. 

Many of my clients and I, who have used their services, think their services are very on point! Ringo has been paying a lot of attention to the information provided by oversea SEO experts, so his techniques are up-to-date and practical!
Stephen Leung - Founder of MarketingTips Stephen 
SEO is quite a technical and thorough type among all online marketing categories but Ringo can explain it clearly with examples. 

After reading his blog and sharing, I can see that Ringo is experienced and really knowledgeable. There aren’t many SEO experts in Hong Kong. 

I always recommend my students to Ringo. If you are interested in knowing SEO and growing your business in the long term with free traffics, I highly recommend Ringo’s courses.
Terrance Chung -
Founder of Kick Ads
Ringo has extensive hands-on experience in SEO. We don't have to be doubtful of his product knowledge. 

Most importantly, he can use simple sentences to clearly explain the difficult terms of SEO. You will have the urge to action after seeing it!
Brand Experience
"Ringo and his team are very knowledgeable in this field and he gave our company many professional overseas marketing insights."
I could tell he is the master of the SEO industry just by meeting him twice in Taipei!

We are a Growth Hacking company in Taiwan and we met Ringo by chance. We have discussed so many SEO techniques and methods of how to have high SEO ranking in a short amount of time.

Ringo's team is very knowledgeable in this field and he gave our company many professional overseas marketing insights.
I highly recommend his team to be your professional SEO consultant.
Founder of Inbound Marketing (Taiwan) – James Chen




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