Is this your situation ??
An old customer misunderstood your service and put his experience on the forum, causing a hot discussion.
Although the issue has been settled with the customer, when the potential customer searches for your company name, this negative discussion appears in the first place in the search results, which is very troublesome to you!
Your brand has been reported by different medias because of a lawsuit. Although the lawsuit comes to an End long ago,  it is  still the brand's #1 related search results.
The content of your website has been stolen, and the ranking of those copier site  is better than you?!
You have taken the initiative to contact site owner of the negative's new site, but they completely ignore your request......
Ordinary Approach﹕Using Positive Content Cover the Negative One
This method only works for a short time.  Based on experience, successful removal rate is very low.

If you understand how Google's work, you will know the reason why negative search results are difficult to get rid of!
Google's top priority: Putting the best content to the searchers!

But what is good?

Content that engage people most!

We are most concerned about negative news!  This is Human Nature

And therefore, you will discover almost 98% news is negative!

Each Day, Google using different parameters (including number of visitor, visitor's staying time, bounce rate) to judge what content is the best.

And obviously, negative news is more engaging, and this is why negative news always dominant.

Google do have an appeal mechanism, but it is too complicated to handle for an ordinary people.
Hi, this is Ringo, studying Google for almost a decade.  Basically, I get tons of inquiries about online reputation management every day!

In most situation, client is in the following stage

"I will pay you whatever you say provided that you help me to remove the negative results"

I am not Googler, nor any insider, but after studying Google and investing over 6 figures on the situation, I do have some hints on what content can be removed.

If you browser the internet, I can say I try almost 90% methods from different service providers, but successful rate is really low.

I remembered that one potential client told me that they find a hacker already, and I forced them to stop on the situation.  They never understand hacking is a crime.

If you really want to resolve your problems and hopeless, maybe we can discuss on it.   You really don't need to take any risks on this situation.
If you have the above situation, don't hesitate to in touch with me

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P.S All the situation in the above are real-life example and it has been already settled!  
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